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The Essence of YOU!

Taking the Seat of the Soul


It is my commitment to support the exploration of what disconnects us from our natural state of wholeness and well-being through the use of supported self-inquiry, energy work, meditation, movement, and breath. Together, may we nurture and strengthen connection and wholeness.


 From our essence may we cultivate lives that empower our freedom and joy.

Supported Self Study​

Life has a way of seeming to exist in extremities and polarity. Sometimes it can feel like the most elegant and beautiful of dances while at others we are sure there is a storm raging within or perhaps all around us. My presence and offering is to facilitate a deepening of self-connection. An anchoring into the qualities of our truest nature where we may find the readily available abundance of peace, resiliency, strength, love, compassion, honor, grace, and so on. 

My service is in supporting my clients to navigate historical and present life experiences that they feel pull them out of their naturalness. Together we will explore the different ways we learn to orient and respond to our internal experience of the external world through our developmental relationships. Through connection we work together to embrace the opportunities we have to shift into a fuller sense of wholeness.



Blacksburg, Va

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