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Embodied Expansion

As we develop throughout life we are shaped by our experiences, relationships, and environments. At some point in time, we all come face to face with the reality that suffering exists. It is in these crucial moments that we often lose our connection with innate characteristics of our essential self such as Freedom, Ease, and Choice. We, instead, develop beautifully crafted and inherently protective coping skills and survival mechanisms. The habits that form out of survival impact us deeply and on many levels; often jeopardizing our connection to our mind, body, and essence.


This class will gently introduce techniques that empower caring exploration of the habitual patterning each unique participant has learned. Through integrative practices, such as conscious breathing, mindful movement, and guided meditation we are able to facilitate awareness. As we gain clarity on the patterning that informs us, we are able to find paths of freedom. And as we embrace freedom we harness our power to choose.

Join Olivia & Alaina for 12 weeks beginning January 25, 2023
Wednesday Evenings 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Class is donation based!

Suggested donation: $240 or $20/meeting
No matter what We'd love to have you there!


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