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Love & Loss

We all have a shared experience in life – we experience loss. It comes in a vast array of forms and at many different times – yet, it inevitably comes. And though this is a universal experience it is one of the more difficult experiences for us to stay connected in. It can be difficult to stay connected to ourselves during these experiences, it can be difficult to connect with others and share our experiences, and it can be difficult to know how to meet others and stay present in their experience of loss.

Alaina and I came together in our experience of loss this year and found a need for a sacred space in which the depth of these experiences can be explored, discussed, felt, seen, and connected with. A space where Love & Loss and all of the rippling effects and feelings can be held with no agenda.

Join Olivia & Alaina Bi-Monthly beginning October 9, 2023
Monday Evenings 6:00pm - 7 pm

Meetings are donation based!

Suggested donation is $10-$20/meeting
No matter what, We'd love to have you there!


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