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How I Be

Life has been full lately. There are so many things happening around me and within me. It's been a bit of a whirlwind. There's one thing that's never been clearer; the acknowledgment of the helplessness to control others experiences of suffering (ie; not needing to fix it, end it, heal it, take it away, etc) is also the wisdom that allows me to be wholly present with those that are in their experience of suffering. That is surrendering the need for it to be any different than it is and meeting the person fully where they are.

As busy of a time it has been holding space for the happenings around me and the experience within, I find solace in resting and recharging in the nurturing warmth of my home. Taking the space to also soak in the blessings of life.

So here I am sneaking in some of the last moments of the day to create...

Plus it's a vibe working by tree light!

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