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The Essence of You

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When the time came to assign an identity to my practice through the art of naming it, it became clear that I needed something I felt embodied the service I wish to bring to the world. So, how does ‘The Essence of You’ do this?

So often we meet suffering in life. In fact, it is inevitable for us all. Suffering has many faces and manifests in a multitude of ways; being told to eat our carrots when we want pizza, meeting rejection from a love interest, a family member, or a peer group, the loss of a loved one, the pain of abuse or neglect, physical injury or instability, an act of betrayal, intergenerational trauma, a backwards compliment, and so on. When we meet these moments -or periods- of suffering we often do what we must – we adapt to survive.

Surviving is not something to be adjudicated or blamed so much as honored. How incredibly beautiful that our bodies, brains, and nervous systems intuitively work to protect us. However, while our survival skills are crucial so is our ability to reflect on the orientation to the world they leave us with. When survival skills are left to run our lives we are not fully able to allow ourselves to be in the world in our most natural wholeness. Instead, our life can be hindered by unresolved fear, anxiety, sadness, rage, betrayal, grief, guilt, shame, shock, insecurity, etc. In turn these unresolved experiences and emotions can lead us to habitual beliefs, thoughts, behavioral patterns, and even physiological states. We have in part merged our true nature and identity with the effects of our experiences. We become our feelings. We become our thoughts. We become our stress. We become our pain. We operate from our minds, our personality, and our ego. We carry the past into the now and project it upon the future.

It has been my experience that when we choose -or sometimes through the need of crisis are forced- to work intimately with the experiences that have led us to function from survival, we find a path of healing. A path to living from our natural state of relaxation. From this relaxed orientation to the world we are no longer forsakenly at the mercy of our environment and the reactions that arise. We are able to access a deeper presence with all spectrums of life experiences. We begin to digest the suffering and more deeply access states of joy, abundance, belonging, love, hope, humility, esteem, power, grace, peace, and so forth.

Thus, we are returning to our Essence.

It is my commitment, my service, my offering to support the exploration of what disconnects us from our essence in order to nurture our connection to our essence. From our essence may we cultivate lives that empower our freedom and joy.

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